Outdoor Kitchens

Fully loaded outdoor kitchen built in Aldie, VA using Raffinato 180 by Techo-Bloc in both the Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black colors. The patio used Blu 60 Smooth in Shale Grey with an Onyx Black inlay.

Our Process

Being a grill master is not a requirement to have an outdoor kitchen – especially when there are so many possible customizations!

When customers reach out to us to design and build their perfect outdoor kitchen, we have a discussion about how they see themselves using the kitchen. Many questions can be asked to determine this vision like:

  • What appliances are necessities for your grilling/cooking experience outside?
  • What storage solutions do you and your grilling “tools of the trade” require?
  • Do you prefer natural gas or propane as your fuel of choice?
  • How much countertop space do you require for food prep?

Using the answers to these questions and more, then we get down to business on the design. We use our invaluable suppliers to source the components that create the kitchen.

  • BBQGuys – The extensive collection of grills, smokers, refrigerators, pizza ovens, storage solutions, and more at BBQGuys helps us to find all of the built-in features.
  • MSI Washington Metro Countertops – The stone selection at MSI is like no other and when the options are endless, we can be sure you’re getting the perfect material for your outdoor kitchen countertop.
  • Techo-Bloc – As one of North America’s leading hardscaping manufacturers, Techo-Bloc provides beautiful wall block options for the wall structures of your kitchen. From the natural stone look of Röcka and Brandon to the incredibly accurate wood timber look of Borealis, outfitting your kitchen with a material that matches your personal style is as easy as pie!
  • Nicolock – Even more wall material options can be found from Nicolock like the smooth and sleek Stonegate Contemporary and Verona Walls, or the more traditional style of Colonial Wall.

All of the customization options, however impressive they may be, can be a bit daunting to choose from. Rest assured that we at GO Masonry have your best interest in mind and will make sure that your new outdoor kitchen not only looks beautiful, but serves you as a true extension of your home kitchen in your outdoor living space!

Simple, yet sophisticated outdoor kitchen built using the Colonial Wall by Nicolock in the color Granite City Blend and a gorgeous Soapstone countertop to finish it off.

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