We provide the following brick and stone services:

  • Sidewalks – Do you need to walk to your shed, but you don’t want to step on the mud? Don’t worry! we can sculpt a walkway for your outside need.


  • Patios – Is a type of forecourt or court yard which can be used for dining or recreation. We can build patios out of brick, stone, or just concrete. These are perfect for adding value to your backyard.


  • Retaining walls – These are structures that hold soil behind it, they are great to prevent erosion from happening to your landscape. Not just that, but it also great for athletic purposes, and for stabilizing sloped yards.



  • Repairs – If can do repairs to any existing property.


  • Demolition – If there’s a demolition you want us to do to, We can do that too.


  • Outdoor Chimneys – We do outdoor chimney work. We can make them with brick and stone. We also do chimney crown repairs.


  • Indoor Chimneys – We do indoor chimneys too. These are typically made out of stone and are great for the winter.



  • And more!

We have done luxurious mailboxes out of stone and brick, backyard chimneys, and more!

If you have any idea to create something, let us know and we’ll make it into a reality.


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