At GO Masonry, we provide a wide variety of services that deal with the masonry materials bricks, stones, pavers, and concrete.


If you feel you need to increase the value to your backyard with something that is great for dining, entertaining, and recreation, a patio is the perfect project for you! We can build patios with beautiful designs and patterns out of brick, stone, pavers, and concrete to match your personal tastes.



Do you need to walk to your shed, but you don’t want to step on the mud? Or need to increase the curb appeal of your home with a beautiful walkway from the sidewalk to your front door? Don’t worry! We can create walkways out of brick, stone, pavers, and concrete to make spending time around your home more pleasant.



Retaining Walls

These are structures that serve to hold soil behind it to prevent erosion and set a garden apart from the rest of the yard. Not just that, but retaining walls are also great for aesthetic purposes. Bricks, stones, pavers, and blocks are all materials we can create grand and functional retaining walls with.



The driveway is the main entrance to the home in most cases. So make sure yours make a statement! We can create driveways out of concrete or pavers that will truly stand the test of time and weather.



Make sure your chimney is built and repaired safely and beautifully! We can build chimneys out of bricks or stones, and we also repair existing chimneys to make sure no leaks occur.

Indoor Fireplaces

A beautiful fireplace can greatly enhance the look and feel of a living room or den. Using bricks or stones to establish a charming look can complete the style of any room!


Outdoor Lighting 

Sometimes beautiful projects are not complete without proper lighting. We can install outdoor lights. The type of lights that we install are path lights, step lights, and in ground lights. We have a close relationship with In-lite, and we install ground lights that go inside pavers!



Older masonry projects sometimes need repairs and upkeep. Repointing mortar or replacing broken bricks or stones can make a big aesthetic difference. We are experienced in many types of repairs.

And so much more is possible! If you have an idea to create something, let us know and we’ll make it into a reality.


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