In 2007, Gerber Ortiz Jr always dreamed of starting a business that would involve working with his family members. The concept was to start a company named GO Masonry. The “GO” would stand for the initials of his, his brother Gustavo’s, and his father Gerber’s names. During the summer breaks of 2009, Gerber would usually work with his dad in the field to learn the trade. Gerber then continued his education at the University of Mary Washington upon completing his high school education.

In 2015, GO Masonry was born! The main reason for the creation of GO Masonry was because Gerber needed money to pay off his tuition payments in order to continue attending college. GO Masonry started off with having only four employees: Gerber Jr, Gerber Sr, Antonio, and Fredy. Fast forward to three years later, GO Masonry now employees over ten employees. Over 2/3 of GO Masonry are family members.